Industrial Ethernet

The complete solution for industrial data transmission with network devices for safe communication from the field to the control level.

Your benefits at a glance


Reliable and redundant power supply for uninterrupted network operation.


Conformity with various industrial protocols such as PROFINET Class B, Ethernet IP and CC-Link.


High resistance to shock, extreme temperatures and electromagnetic influences.


With extensive certifications you can use the devices in most environments.


By using the best materials and intensive testing in our own laboratory, we can supply you with durable components.

Our Industrial Ethernet product range

Industrial Ethernet switches
Industrial Ethernet switches

Our switch portfolio for all applications – switches are the basic coupling elements in Ethernet networks. They connect the Ethernet participants together.

Your benefits
Broad switch portfolio for all applications.
Available as unmanaged or managed switches, with copper, fiber optic or flexible SFP slots.
Support of all common fieldbus protocols in real time, such as PROFINET Class B and Ethernet/IP.

Industrial Security Router
Industrial Security Router

Weidmüller’s Industrial Ethernet Router ensures that different networks interoperate in unison and with top-level security.

Product features
High-performance industrial security router with integrated firewall.
Separation of networks e.g. for office and production level.
Cellular internet connection via 4G LTE.
Secure remote access with VPN.

Media converters and protocol gatewaysMedia converters and protocol gateways

Solutions for interference-free data transmission over long distances for Ethernet and serial data and their conversion.

Product features
Integration of serial devices into Ethernet networks.
Use of Ethernet over long distances and in EMC-critical environments.
Transmission of serial signals over long distances.
Conversion from Modbus RTU to TCP~.

Industrial WLANIndustrial WLAN

Industrial wireless devices operating as access point, bridge or client for wireless Ethernet connectivity.

Product features
Industrial WLAN devices for reliable networking.
Flexible use as access point, bridge or client.
Client routing mode to separate LAN and WLAN network.
Up to 300 Mbit/s transmission speed. 

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