Single Pair Ethernet

The network infrastructure for the Industrial IOT

Single Pair Ethernet is the technology that makes it possible to implement the Internet of Things consistently within industry, right through to field-based applications.

Next Generation Ethernet



Smallest compact design for implementing IIoT devices.


High robustness for use in industrial environments.


Easy to connect for safe, fast installation.


Future-proof design through international standards.

Our range of Single Pair Ethernet products

IP20 plug field attachable
IP20 socket
Patch cable
IP67 sockets

IP20 plug field attachable

IP20 sockets

Patch cable

IP67 sockets

Plug-in connectors for simple attachment in the field. IP20 device plug-in connectors with and without LED.IP20 and IP67 patch cable and device connectors, supporting Power over Data Line (PoDL).M8 pin and socket variants enable pin-socket exchange at the device as well as free field couplings.

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